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AR Classic Records, a Boston-based record label, was founded on the principles of making quality music that stands the test of time.

The Arcitype & AR Classic Records proudly present a new series aimed at shining light on the often-under appreciated creators behind the boards; The Producers.

In 2014, The Arcitype set up a portable production studio inside the walls of Annie Mulz’s ‘Kyoto Jungle’ store front in Back Bay, Boston, MA. From 12-8pm he created an all original 10-track beat tape from scratch, and then held the release party for it the same night, allowing people to hear the final completed product as it was released online for the world to experience. Ever since then, The Arcitype has been playing with the idea of turning his concept into a series that could act as a platform to showcase other producers.

The Shift is that idea now realized. Producers clock in for an 8-hr shift in which they create a beat tape from the ground up inside a store front. The completed tape is released that same evening during a release party also held at the same store front.

Latest Volume: Rush hour (Bizz & seoul)

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