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Esh (formerly known as Esh the Monolith) is a rapper/producer from Boston, Mass. A respected member of the burgeoning art-rap community, his music is a thoughtful and positive rejection of a culture that values fame over talent, conformity over individuality, and apathy over passionate dissent. 

Known for his dense and layered approach to writing and production, he was listed as one of the "15 Boston Rappers You Should Know" in XXL Magazine, which said: “He’s a witty dude with flexible vocal abilities, and he’s definitely different. His live show is probably an all-inclusive shitshow that we’d love to attend.”

Esh's performances have a truly unique "one-man band" quality rarely seen at rap shows. He incorporates elements of live instrumentation and production that range from makeshift percussion to thrift-store synths.

On August 18, 2017, Esh released his new full-length album, ‘Darwin’s Frankenstein,' on AR Classic Records, a follow up to his 2016 collaborative LP with producer The Arcitype, 'Death Doesn't Want You.'





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