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STL GLD - 'The New Normal' Limited Edition GOLD Double Vinyl w/ Etching


STL GLD - 'The New Normal' Limited Edition GOLD Double Vinyl w/ Etching


‘The New Normal’ vinyl is an album for our times and sets the path for the evolution of STL GLD in 2019.


Vinyl 1 – Side A

01.    What They Say ft. GHOST GRL

02.    The New Normal Pt. I

03.   With Me

04.   Ashes ft. Will Dailey & Oompa

05.    Burns ft.Claire Whall

Vinyl 1 – Side B

06.    Ignorance Is Bliss ft. Heltah Skeltah

07.   Chaka Zulu ft. Latrell James

08.    Horrors

09.   Done ft. Jared Evan & Deon Chase

10.    Wake Up (Interlude) ft. Claire Whall

Vinyl 2 – Side A

01.   ’Gon Shine ft. Julia Easterlin & A.B. Soarin

02.    The New Normal Pt. II ft. Cliff Notez

03.    GLD III ft. Nina Lee & Julia Easterlin

“Hip Hop has always been a form of therapy for people. The culture has helped the world to dance even when they want to collapse and cry. This beautiful art form has been and always will be a window into another person’s soul. This album is a year of mine; heavily soaked in whiskey, blunt smoke, and pure rage. This is a collection of my joys and traumas, this is me smiling through the pain. We are no longer shocked, no longer asking how or why. There is no going back, this is The New Normal.”

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