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Slaine- 'Slaine Is Dead' CD

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iTunes Front Cover3000x3000.jpg

Slaine- 'Slaine Is Dead' CD


Slaine's new EP, 'Slaine is Dead' featuring Vinnie Paz, ILL BILL, Termanology, Jared Evan, Demrick and Rite Hook. Production by The Arcitype, Termanology and DJ Deadeye.

Full Tracklist:

01. Slaine Is Dead (Intro)
02. Slaine Is Dead
03. Nobody Prays For Me ft. Demrick
04. Pusher
05. Just The Way You Are ft. Termanology
06. Knocked Down ft. Rite Hook
07. Legendary ft. Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz & Jared Evan
08. Coming Home

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